Est-ce que les verres protègent les yeux de rayon UV dangereux et sont-ils polarisés ?

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Our Original lens is a Category 3 tinted lens and our Spectachrome lens is a Category 2 tinted lens. Both feature full UV400 protection, blocking 100% of harmful rays. Our sunglasses aren’t polarised. The reason for this is that our perfect lens tint is not possible with the addition of polarisation filters. Our lens provides a clear and balanced view filled with depth, which makes Tens very comfortable to wear whilst driving and participating in sports.

Qu’est ce qui rend ces verres si spéciaux en comparaison à d’autre marque ?

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A force de travail acharné durant des années avec nos fournisseurs, nous vous offrons une solaire parfaite qui stimule vos sens. A notre connaissance aucune autre paire de lunette de soleil, vous offrant une si jolie vue, n’est disponible sur le marché actuellement.

Offrez-vous des lentilles de prescription?

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Yes we do! These are available on the 'Prescription' section of our store page. You will need an up to date prescription that is no more than two years old. Once your order is placed, our optical lab in north of Scotland will begin fitting your new Tens. These are usually ready to be dispatched within one week of ordering.

It is your responsibility to ensure all of the details are correct when entering them. Any costs encountered as a result of a mistake in entering this information will need to be covered by the customer.

Votre site internet est-il bien sécurisé ?

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Notre boutique en ligne et le service de payement sont construit sur la platform Shopify e-commerce. Toutes cartes de crédit et informations de transaction sont protégés au même niveau de sécurité utilisé par les banques (certificat a 256-bit SSL).

All payments on our website, including credit/debit card transactions, are processed through Paypal, a secure online payment gateway that encrypts your card details in a secure host environment.

Si quelque chose cloche, est- ce que je peux procéder à un échange ou remboursement ?

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Merci de vous rediriger vers Livraison, Garantie Good Vibes ou Retours pour plus d’information.

En quoi sont faites les montures ?

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Our “Bio Collection” frames are made from plant-based, 100% biodegradable acetate. The material is manufactured by Mazzuchelli in Italy and derives from the renewable resources of cotton and wood pulp from a sustainably managed forest.

The impact on the environment is significantly better compared to regular plastic sunglasses which are based on petrochemical substances that burn oxygen and release CO2. The bio acetate is made from organic sources including cotton and wood pulp which have been involved in turning CO2 in oxygen through photosynthesis, and the frames themselves are 100% biodegradable. The material has undergone biodegradability test in compliance with rule ISO 14855, carried out by a paramount research institute in Belgium: Organic Waste System.

Our “Core Collection” frames are made from regular acetate. Like our “Bio Collection” it is a hypoallergenic and durable material made from cotton and wood pulp.

Est-ce que la collection Bio est 100% biodégradable ?

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The frames from our “Bio Collection” are 100% biodegradable and our mission by 2020 is to transition our whole product offering using this material. The frame can biodegrade in 115 days when the pulverised material has been put into a compost environment under controlled conditions.

Our packaging is made using recycled and biodegradable materials, and we no longer use plastic sleeves to wrap the product. Whilst our lenses are currently made using an industry-standard plastic polymer, we are investing significant efforts into a bio-based solution to disrupt the industry. We aim to replace these and our metal wire core with a more bio-friendly solution in the near future.